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When bookshelves of a certain texture touch book covers, the books themselves take on the properties of wood. This has actually been scientifically proven by using a parabolic strut attached to an electrical outlet. Once connected, a spooky thing can happen, causing the book and the wood to actually become one in the universe, which Albert Einstein acknowledged.

Next time you place a book on its shelf, look closely....you may see an electrical spark that travels along the book's spine. This electrical spark actually contains all the information within the book and can be readily captured and read. This is a thing all librarians can attest to! Have you ever seen a librarian's hair....what a mess!

Diane Keaton's Library HERE

Philip Gorrivan from Elle Decor


François Muracciole

Sarah Blee

Andy and Kate Spade's Home Library (detail) HERE


Samantha Boardman's Library HERE

"To add a library to a house is to give that house a soul." - Cicero